For Students

Opportunities to join the Lab

The Language and Learning Lab offers valuable research experience for volunteers. As well as offering volunteers positions, we regularly invite second and third-year undergraduate students to work with us for credit as part of the Research Opportunity Program and we advertise twice per year for paid Work -Study students.

Volunteers are involved in all aspects of our research, including recruiting subjects, coding data, and creating original lines of research! We are looking for reliable, creative, and energetic volunteers who enjoy working with infants and young children.

Interested? Click here to apply to be a volunteer research assistant!

Have questions about working with us?

Contact us at

Have a specific idea for a graduate research project?

Interested in joining the lab as a graduate student? Contact Dr. Ganea directly at or (416) 934-4502

Course Information

Dr. Ganea has taught:

  • Cognitive Development in Spring 2008, Spring 2010.
  • Language and Cognition in Fall 2009.
  • Developmental Psychology in Spring 2009, Fall 2009.
  • Early Social Cognition in Fall 2009.